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Product Description

Buy 4-CEC online

4-cec is the new research chemical which is similar with 4-CMC, was thought to be stronger than 4-CMC.The physiological and toxicological properties of 4-CEC are not known is available for sale as a grey area research chemical through PRCS .Notice that 4-CEC is not for human or veterinary use, is only provided as the science research.


1 Product name 4-CEC
2 Full chemical name
3 Formal Name
4 CAS num N/A
5 Molecular Formula
6 Average mass  g/mol
7 Purity ≥99.0%
8 Stability 2 years
9 Storage -20°C ~ 20°C
10 Form : 
11 Packing and Shipping discreetly and secretly,make sure to pass the custom without any trouble,we are good at delivering these research chemicals

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